Article Feature: Why Experience is the New Currency for Brands

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Experiences create memories, build relationships, and enhance emotional bonds. They can fuel customer loyalty, engagement, and brand equity far beyond what any product alone can achieve, and what traditional measures of success capture.

In this digital age, brands are recognizing the importance and power of creating emotional connections with their customers to remain relevant. This has led to an increasing shift towards experience-based retail stores where customers can interact with products and services at a deeper level.

Jonathan and Daniel Yaffe, as guest contributors to AdWeek, make the case that this shift is valuable for brands now and will be essential for them to flourish in the years to come. The brothers are co-founders of AnyRoad, an Experience Relationship Management platform enabling global brands, such as Anheuser-Busch, Honda, the Warriors, and the Famous Grouse, to properly measure, scale, and implement their experiential marketing campaigns.

The authors point to numerous examples where leading retailers are re-investing in the way they do business in-store, including major initiatives from brands like Lululemon, REI, The Home Depot, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. These new experiential stores are revolutionizing the concept of traditional retail, minimizing the direct focus on selling goods in favor of engaging experiences aimed at increasing the customer's lifetime value.

While the lofty investments highlighted in the article show certain brands going all-in on this strategy, a brand doesn’t need a significant commitment or a retail location to activate an experience that will grow its relationship with its customers. For brands looking to make the most impact with a limited footprint, music is often the first option. And while a playlist might do for some, nothing beats a live DJ - curating an amplified environment that aligns with your brand message and always hits the right notes.

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