Article Feature: The Importance of Music Curation to Retail Brands

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Brands need to create a bespoke music strategy to maximize customer impact. Music can emotionally connect with shoppers and create experiences that are worth the trip to the store. When done well, it can turn a retail space into a destination in its own right.

“Whether you realize it or not, music and sound are defining your brand experience for customers.” That’s the message from Broox Carmona of Made Music Studio in their guest piece for Retail Touchpoints. Carmona is a multifaceted producer, mix engineer, artist, singer-songwriter, DJ, and music curator and supervisor, who has created audio experiences for clients such as Amazon Music, Frito-Lay, American Express and Fast Company.

Rich, thoughtful soundtracks that amplify the brand’s personality, values, and culture set it apart from competitors. Much like a good story, the use of music should be engaging, thought-provoking, and memorable. Some tricks to executing this strategy include understanding the emotional response to sound, knowing what genres of music to use, and selecting the right songs.

According to Carmona, there are 3 main tenets brand should be prioritizing when crafting the right in-store audio experience:

  • Stay True to Your Brand
  • Keep Playlists Fresh
  • Expand Your Musical Horizons

To take the experiential element up another level, many brands accentuate their music strategy by featuring a DJ in-store during special shopping events or periods of peak traffic. These professional curators are experts at “reading the room,” seamlessly weaving together genres and styles to generate the desired energy.

Scratch Event DJs has worked with brands for over 2 decades to maximize any store environment. The company utilizes its expertise and unrivaled DJ network to produce scalable, reliable, cost-efficient experiences that increase traffic, dwell times, and resulting sales.

Read more about Carmona’s essential music strategy tips for retail brands here.

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