Scratch Event DJs' Partnership with the New York Jets Transforms the Game Day Experience

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Our multi-year partnership to provide game day DJs for the New York Jets has been an exhilarating and memorable experience for all of us at Scratch Event DJs. From the stadium PA to the outside concourses to the VIP amenity suites, we have had the challenge and privilege of providing the perfect soundtrack for the Jets and their fans.

As avid sports fans ourselves, being able to work closely with the Jets has been a great honor. We were entrusted with the important task of setting the mood and enhancing the game day experience felt by tens of thousands in person and millions of viewers with our music. It was a responsibility we took to heart, and we were determined to make each game day an unforgettable event for everyone at the stadium.

The music and sound effects during a game may seem like they are done by magic, but the individuals behind the DJ decks are real, talented professionals, and are an essential part of the team’s franchise. Sporting events require a certain level of excitement and energy that only a well-trained DJ can provide. They keep the momentum going during halftime shows, encourage fans to dance in between plays, and pump up the athletes during crucial moments of the game.

They are in control of the music, and picking the right track can indeed work like magic. It's like casting a spell that sets the audience on fire with excitement and anticipation. The crowd reacts passionately, feeding off the energy of the music, and the connection to their roots and each other. The DJ is at the heart of it all, orchestrating the soundscape, and creating an electric atmosphere.

Hosting events as complex as a Jets game can be a daunting task. Various internal groups within the team’s staff work diligently weeks ahead of time to create a memorable event, from the pre-show to the game itself. Multiple DJs are required to cover all of the different components of the experience and the various areas of entertainment.

Having a quality, reliable vendor that specializes in sporting events, like Scratch, is crucial to ensuring the overall enjoyment of guests, staff, and players, and to achieving operational success on game day. Scratch is the only DJ service that offers access to the largest network of top-notch professionals in North America, allowing a curated, one-stop-shop for every occasion where music and interactivity can elevate the game day presentation.

The most popular use cases, as highlighted here through our portfolio of work for the Jets, include sensational performers for tailgate parties outside the stadium for a fun pre-game atmosphere, for amenity and hospitality suites inside the stadium to provide a bespoke experience for VIPs, and of course, for the soundtrack heard by fans, viewers, and players through the in-game, ground-shaking stadium speakers.

From Pre-Game to Victory: Priming Fans for Success

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Tailgating is a time-honored tradition, but it’s most often associated with BBQ and beer filled galas in the parking lot. Many teams and their sponsors now look to that pre-game window to provide experiences which also get people hyped, but which are more friendly to all kinds of fans, especially families with kids. The Jets hosted outdoor brand-sponsored activations within the MetLife Stadium plaza that featured lights, effects, contests, cheerleaders, and more, all anchored by the sounds from the DJ and emcee. The perfect DJ for an activation like this is used to crowds and big moments, and is comfortable interacting with the audience on the microphone.

"Integrating a DJ into tailgate events seamlessly merges tradition with modern vibes, revolutionizing pre-game festivities for fans of every generation."

Luckily, in the New York metro market alone, there are 50 DJs in the Scratch talent network who have been trusted to perform at over 100 client events each. From this vast and diverse pool, DJ D-Tweed was the ideal choice for this job. With 739 Scratch events under his belt, including for Friday Night Fights, the NYC Marathon, Macy’s, and Hugo Boss, taking team direction and making positive connections with the crowd have proven to be second-nature to him.

Exclusive Entertainment for Your Most Valued Guests and Partners

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When playing in a VIP area, being a DJ entails more than merely selecting a good playlist. The DJ is an extension of your name and brand. In the Green Room, where a good mood shouldn’t be hard to find with its high-end food and drink service, luxury ambiance, incredible field views, and appearances by celebrities and Jets legends, a DJ that possesses a unique blend of charisma, professionalism, and the ability to strike the right tone with a high-expectation audience is still an essential touch.

Thankfully, elevated class and style are no problem for the Scratch talent network, either. DJing in these spaces is more about staying tastefully in the background, and being comfortable with chats and photos with guests on the side. DJ Monopoli was chosen as the mainstay in this position.

"The Scratch DJ Network expertly curates top-tier DJs for any event, seamlessly infusing each occasion with unparalleled class, style, and professionalism to craft unforgettable high-end experiences."

With 348 Scratch events under his belt, including ones with Vanity Fair, Giorgio Armani, Nordstrom, and Steve Madden, it was no problem for him to provide great beats and smiles while helping to create a memorable high-end game experience for valued guests of the team.

The In-Game Stadium DJ Shapes the Home-Field Atmosphere

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When we think of sports, we think of the passion of stadiums and crowds. We think of the excitement driven by the players on the field and the cauldron of noise that is created in the stands. While a lot of that spectacle relies on human noise, a lot of that soundscape is orchestrated by the sounds being blasted out of the stadium PA by 1 person with tremendous power and influence: the in-game DJ.

Being the in-game DJ is a challenging task that comes with enormous responsibilities. It requires a comfort being in the spotlight, a deep understanding of the players and the sport, and a constant focus on the flows and action of the game. With the push of a button, highlights are punctuated, momentum is amplified, and scores are celebrated.

"The best in-game DJs are able to go above and beyond the standard hits, adding a local flare to the soundtrack synonymous with the team and the stadium."

When all goes well, the in-game DJ ends up a mini-celebrity and a known public-facing member of the organization.

For the Jets, the star of their show deserved to be one of the crown jewels of the Scratch talent network. After much consideration, the honor was given to the exceptional skills of DJ Jon Blak - a true artist with an impressive 879 events performed for Scratch. His Scratch credits include recurring resident DJ status for brands like Samsung, T-Mobile, and Saks Fifth Avenue, and his outside work includes marquee bookings such as a Beyonce and Jay-Z album release party. His skill, energy, and personality have cemented his status year after year as the sound of the New York Jets.

The Right DJ Partner Makes Creating an Energized Game Day Experience Easy

No sporting event is complete without the contribution of a DJ in some way. Whether they are in charge of setting the tone before the game, providing entertainment in VIP areas, or keeping the crowd engaged during the event, DJs play an essential role in enhancing the complete stadium experience. Their role goes beyond just music - they are responsible for the emotional journey of the fans, players, and stakeholders alike, ensuring that everyone is having a good time, pulling in the same direction, and having their emotional bonds with the team strengthened.

For many teams, it’s hard enough just to get 1 DJ right, as the process of selecting an in-game DJ is daunting, and there are more candidates who want the role than are qualified for it.

"With Scratch, not only can you rest assured of the top-tier quality and preparedness of your in-game DJ, but you can utilize our client service and unmatched talent resources to provide an incredibly effective, cost-effective way to amplify other elements of the stadium experience to improve fan engagement and guest satisfaction."

For the New York Jets, regardless of the team’s performance on the field, the experience of coming to the stadium always made it worth it for fans. We have done the same for partners such as the Brooklyn Nets, Miami Marlins, and more. We stand ready and able to partner with teams all across North America to provide their fans with the same best-in-class experience. Whether inside or outside the stadium, and before, during, or after the game, we curate the right local DJ talent to bring all of your ideas to life.

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