Scratch Event DJs vs. Superstar Artist DJs

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The evolution of DJs and electronic music has been a fascinating journey, transforming from underground culture to a dominant force in mainstream society. In the early days, DJs were primarily seen as background figures, providing the soundtrack for parties.

However, the emergence of trailblazing producers such as Daft Punk, Tiesto, and Skrillex marked a paradigm shift. DJs evolved into the headliners, captivating massive audiences with their electrifying performances.

This transformation and surge in popularity have not gone unnoticed by brands, which are keenly aware of the substantial marketing potential of tapping into the massive and diverse fan bases of these artists. Sponsorship of big shows and festivals are one tactic used by brands to align themselves with cultural icons and gain significant visibility. Bud Light and Shein’s sponsorship of Diplo’s cross-genre Honky Tonk DJ tent at Stagecoach Festival are prime examples of such strategic partnerships.

While that is one avenue to capitalize on the power of the DJ, other brands have leveraged the substantial impact a great DJ can bring in shaping, animating, and energizing any environment beyond the club or concert stage.

Instead of riding the fame of superstar DJs, they utilize professional DJs as a pillar within their own brand-focused experiential events to maximize impact, creating memorable, dynamic experiences that fully engage attendees. When brands choose to pursue this strategy, there is no more capable partner than the team and talent network at Scratch Event DJs.

Monster Energy, aiming at that same set of country music enthusiasts, made its presence known at the Country Thunder festival through a more dynamic activation than paying for banners on the main stage. Monster constructed a multi-tiered branded structure for festival guests, and engaged Scratch to provide multiple local DJs well-versed in the country genre to amplify the experience each day.

This strategy allowed Monster to create a deeper connection between their brand and the music that their audience loves.

With a stellar reputation deeply rooted in local nightlife, community events, and radio shows, the DJs within the Scratch talent network are revered music curators who have evolved into local legends.

Serving as the pulse and rhythm of their hometowns, they encapsulate the distinctive musical culture, spirit, and trends of their cities like no other.

Yet, what truly distinguishes these DJs is their exceptional ability to forge connections with the audience. They recognize that music is not merely a sequence of notes; it's an emotion, a mood, a narrative. Harnessing this profound understanding, they skillfully craft the atmosphere desired by the client, rather than playing a setlist featuring their own produced tracks, and are able to etch a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Whether personally or professionally, everyone intuitively understands the impact of music, and most have even felt the impact of a great DJ. But when thinking of an effective marketing mix for a brand, there often exists a gap between those feelings and the choice to pursue a live event strategy that leans into those components. Live events and experiences can build customer relationships in a way that no product or advertisement can achieve alone. When ideating an event strategy, a live DJ is often the easiest, most efficient way to “event-ize” any occasion to capitalize on the many benefits doing so has on customers and guests.

The impact of brand events is underscored by the staggering statistic that 91% of people experience heightened positive feelings about a brand post-event. Furthermore, such experiences prompt 8 out of 10 consumers to actively recommend the brand, fostering organic amplification through word-of-mouth. In our digitally interconnected era, events also extend beyond physical encounters into platforms for digital content creation and widespread social sharing. This trend is evident as 98% of attendees are inspired to document and share their experiences online, offering brands an invaluable opportunity to leverage user-generated content for heightened exposure and authenticity.

The outcome is a robust, multi-faceted marketing strategy that not only enhances brand perception but also nurtures loyalty and optimizes overall reach. And when it comes time to put that strategy into motion, there are a slate of reasons beyond the talent of the DJs that make Scratch Event DJs the ideal partner, as it has demonstrated to brands for over 20 years.

First, let's address the elephant in the room: price.

Booking a superstar DJ for your brand can range anywhere from $20k to well into the six figures. However, Scratch offers an alternative that is just a fraction of that cost, without compromising on the quality of entertainment. In that way, we lower the barrier to making DJs a featured element of any campaign activation.

From there, unlike traditional agencies that exist to represent their talent, our team at Scratch works for your brand. From the first inquiry, we are committed to understanding your needs and matching them with the perfect talent for your occasion. Scratch is not here to sell you anything, but to provide the perfect resources to accomplish your vision. On event day, the talent conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism and leaves everyone, from employees to guests, feeling happy and at ease.

Finally, we offer scalability like no other. With talent in all markets, catering to all vibes, we ensure that your brand can deliver consistent experiences anytime, anywhere. So whether you're hosting an intimate gathering, a massive corporate event, or simultaneous events across 10 cities, Scratch has the solutions to create memorable experiences that leave a mark.

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