Why Should I Consider a Live DJ to Amplify My Brand's In-Store Experience?

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Leveraging DJ services in retail spaces is an extraordinarily powerful strategy to invigorate customer engagement, yet it remains surprisingly underexplored. DJs infuse an undeniable element of coolness into any store setting, morphing a regular shopping trip into an exciting, energetic occasion.

The power of music, skillfully steered by a professional DJ, becomes a tool for retailers to connect with their audience on a deeper, more emotional level, making each visit a captivating retail experience.

Moreover, live events have shown a notable effectiveness in boosting sales and enhancing brand perception, with nearly 91% of consumers reporting a more positive view of a brand after an event.

Additionally, these initiatives spark considerable social buzz, with a large percentage of consumers sharing their experiences online, thereby amplifying your brand's reach.

But if you aren’t one of the hundreds of retailers Scratch works with, from global brands to local boutiques, we know that this concept might be entirely unfamiliar to you. So especially for all those in that entirely understandable bucket, we wanted to put together a guide of the most popular and successful use cases to bring this strategy to life inside your store, and show how there is no better partner to bring that to life than Scratch.


End-of-the-Year Holidays and Back to School
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Holidays offer a unique ability to bring people together and ignite a festive spirit in the retail sector. Special occasions like Black Friday, Valentine's Day, and Back-to-School/Labor Day represent peak seasons for shoppers. DJs can be brought in to transform customers’ in-store journeys from a hopeful transaction into a memorable part of their holiday period.

We help and support the staff during these key times with our experienced DJs. DJ Prana, a prominent South Florida DJ in our talent network, is shown here at Nordstrom. Brands like MAC, Alo Yoga, and Tilly’s also rely on Scratch during their holiday activations.

Weekly Residencies
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Music residencies, where a DJ is present at the same time and place each week, serve as an impactful tool for brands by defining a store’s identity as being a lively, welcoming space. These initiatives allow the brand to live its identity out loud, generating buzz and publicity through word-of-mouth and social media shares.

Samsung 837 in New York introduced several residencies featuring our diverse set of stand-out NYC DJs. We curated a unique lineup each week, enhancing the visitor experience and creating a vibrant musical atmosphere. This partnership reaffirmed our commitment to promoting and nurturing the local talent and music cultures of cities across North America.

Themed Brand Campaigns
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Having DJs across multiple stores for national campaigns is a scalable, cost-efficient strategy to create broad brand consistency, whether it's for launching a new season, hosting lifestyle events, or promoting national sales. Very few vendors, whether in entertainment or otherwise, can service events in markets all across North America, on the same day and time.

Using Scratch makes the operational effort a breeze. Our team curates DJs from our proprietary, world-leading talent network with your brand direction in mind. Whether for 10, 20, or 400 locations, we've been providing unmatched experiences on a global scale for over 20 years, serving brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Hugo Boss.

Grand Openings
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DJs have increasingly become the lifeblood of store expansions, acting as brand ambassadors that inject enthusiasm and energy into freshly opened spaces. Local DJs are particularly effective in these scenarios, as they naturally integrate with the community, transforming these events into exciting local happenings.

Renowned brands such as JD Sports, Belk, Oakley, and BoxLunch frequently tap Scratch’s services for their grand openings. Whenever making a big impression is important, top-tier DJs provide a great bang for your buck to “event-ize” any occasion.

VIP Events
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Many of Scratch’s clients are high-end retailers that often host exclusive invite-only events. Other clients treat business partners or preferred customers to special experiences. With a rich track-record of opening for prominent acts and catering to a VIP crowd, our network brings class and a cool factor that is hard to replicate.

NYC-based DJ Josuel has carved a niche for himself with his unique blend of Latin-inspired rhythms mixed with pop, rock, and soul elements that added another level to this Guess brand special event. He is one of many Scratch DJs that have delivered that same elevated style for brands like Swarovski, TAG Heuer, and Nike.


Curated DJs. Anytime. Anywhere.

When you choose to book us for your events, you're not just getting a service, but an experience that is meticulously curated to meet your needs. We have access to the largest DJ network with over 7,500 talented and vetted local professionals, ensuring that we can accommodate all regions, styles, and demographics. Our extensive network ensures that we always have a backup plan in place, so you never have to worry about last-minute hitches or unforeseen circumstances. We handpick the perfect fit for your event, making sure it's not just memorable, but also flawlessly executed. Trust us to bring the best to your event, every time.

Incredible Client Service

We pride ourselves on being fast and responsive, ensuring that all your queries are addressed promptly and efficiently. Our team, our technology, and our decades of experience ensure that we can guide you along the way and match you with the DJs that best represent your brand. Our proprietary operations and billing portal further streamlines the process, making for a smooth and hassle-free experience for every member of your team. With us, you'll find that every interaction is designed with your convenience and satisfaction in mind.

With Scratch, you can rely on our comprehensive network of talented DJ professionals and our exceptional client service to deliver great experiences, every time.

With this guide providing some inspiration, and the knowledge that Scratch Event DJs is the perfect partner to get your live DJ strategy off the ground, you can feel confident that we will help you find success for your brand with whatever routes you choose.

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