If you need a punk rock DJ in Albuquerque, we have two

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“If you need a punk rock DJ in Albuquerque, we have two.” Rob Principe, Scratch’s co-founder and CEO, says that although no one has specifically taken him up on the offer, that pitch has been a go-to promise to prospective clients over the years which perfectly captures the company’s unique value proposition.

With over two decades of client event experience, and growth of our network and presence worldwide, one thing is certain - if you need a DJ, no matter where you are or what the musical genre is, Scratch has got you covered.

From its founding, Scratch blazed the trail in creating an all-encompassing DJ education and training curriculum, then shortly thereafter became pioneers in establishing a network of high-quality event DJs across the US. Today, Scratch's proprietary talent network brings together a global collection of 7,500 carefully vetted DJs. We've extended our reach across every significant market in the world, with talent available from dense urban hubs to middle-market university towns, and everything in between.

Unlike aspiring producers or actual celebrity DJs who chase fame, play their own remixes, and strive for self-promotion, Scratch’s network of DJs focuses on the experience they can offer to their audience - in these cases, the brand and its clientele. In addition to their skill on the decks, these experienced professionals possess the personality and savvy required to interact effectively with customers, guests, managers, and team members.

These DJs have often already cultivated a dedicated and loyal local fan base by focusing on their craft, and prioritizing fun and connection. Whether they're igniting the dance floor at a club or setting the vibe in a retail environment, they excel at making people feel seen and appreciated.

We’ve meticulously profiled the DJ network based on background, age, gender, and more to zero in on the representation you are trying to create for your brand experience. We’ve successfully executed thousands of events where our commitment to professionalism and versatility was put to the test. Leveraging our extensive network, we've consistently exceeded expectations across a wide range of genres - be it K-pop, Latin, Cumbia, Classical, Old School Hip Hop, or EDM. No matter the vibe, we've proven time and again that we will match our client with the perfect talent.

For recent brand bookings at the Country Thunder music festival, we sourced top-notch DJs for Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, and Lama, Colorado. In Wisconsin, DJ Spin Vxn, a Scratch DJ Academy graduate with an impressive portfolio of 105 events for brands like Victoria's Secret and Tommy Hilfiger, captivated the crowd with thrilling performances of Keith Urban, Zac Brown, Shania Twain, and Cypress Spring. Meanwhile, in Colorado, renowned DJ Miracle set the stage ablaze, getting the crowd moving with his mixes of Leann Rimes, Nate Smith, and Morgan Wallen.

Another client event took us to the BCG Food Show in Tyler, Texas. Our brand partner needed someone to deliver a distinct ‘80s rock music set. Here we brought in DJ Rob Lehman, a versatile talent who has shared stages with iconic artists such as Kid Rock and Bob Seger, and has showcased his skills at national festivals like Lollapalooza and the National Cherry Festival. With a playlist featuring timeless classics from Kiss, AC/DC, and Alice Cooper, he had the crowd thoroughly immersed in the exhilarating rhythms.

And when we say we are up to any musical challenge, this next example shows we mean it:

Recently, we had the unique opportunity to curate a playlist for an experiential event hosted by a video game producer. The game was set in the harsh, ancient landscapes of Russia, and the client wanted a heavy-metal soundtrack to match the intense, battle-focused gameplay. DJ Mike Sincere, one of the top DJs in Los Angeles and a fan of the genre, eagerly took on the task. His selections included iconic bands like Metallica, Slayer, Motley Crue, and System of a Down. But it wasn't just about picking the right artists; the tempo and sections of each song had to align seamlessly with the game's various stages and scenarios. He carefully edited and arranged the tracks, creating a powerful and immersive audio journey for the players, topped off with the inclusion of some classic anthems from Guns N' Roses and Led Zeppelin.

Our unyielding commitment to cater to the diverse tastes of our clientele underscores our ability to transcend musical genres and boundaries. Scratch's pledge to quality and personalization, mirrored in its remarkable roster of DJs, is a testament to its unwavering dedication to delivering performances that leave a mark.

While these examples show the lengths we can go to, you don’t have to have a particularly unique event to benefit from a curated DJ who knows how to navigate different genres. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and preferences, then the DJs use their expertise and creativity to turn that vision into a reality, no matter the environment.

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