Scratch Event DJs Makes Guest Satisfaction a Breeze for Trigger House's JBL Grammys Event

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Trigger House, a leading experiential marketing agency, recently produced a Grammy Awards event for its client, JBL, a premium audio products brand, at Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown. With a reputation for delivering high-quality and innovative events, Trigger House trusted Scratch Event DJs to be the one-stop-shop to handle the music portion of its event planning and execution.

Over recent years, Scratch has partnered with Trigger House to be a go-to resource for DJs for produced event activations across several of its clients and in 4 major US cities. For this Grammys event, Scratch knew it needed to curate a DJ within the Los Angeles market whose skill, style, and presence reflected JBL’s image as a cutting edge, technology-forward brand for its guests.

Leveraging its internal technology portal, Scratch was able to go to work to quickly translate the information given by the client into the perfect hand-picked choice. With the largest DJ network in the world, Scratch had access to well over 100 vetted choices within the Los Angeles area, including 23 who have been booked at over 50 events by Scratch.

From there, the Scratch client service team honed in on the selection of DJ Miss Ninja, a talented professional and veteran of over 100 Scratch events. From prior personal experience, and with the help of the portal’s attribute tags, the Scratch team had confidence she would deliver an amazing experience that left JBL and its guests feeling happy. Even better, as a gamer and user of JBL’s products, Miss Ninja is also squarely in the brand’s target audience.

Within a few days, Trigger House’s inquiry was transformed by Scratch into an on-brand, fully-prepared talent booking. DJ Miss Ninja brought her own flair and appreciation to the event, noting afterwards that she “made sure to create a playlist that included JBL-sponsored Grammy artists, along with upbeat remixes of popular throwbacks and current hits. And wow - the DJ booth and decor utilized JBL’s LED speakers and were really beautiful!”

In the end, the branded event was a huge success, showcasing the power of the DJ to create buzz and excitement within an experiential marketing campaign. The combination of Trigger House's creativity, JBL's innovative audio technology, and DJ Miss Ninja's electrifying playlist made for an unforgettable experience around one of the year’s showpiece cultural events.

Partnering with Scratch Event DJs to curate high-quality DJs leaves the music component of your event assured, allowing you and your team to focus on other aspects of planning. Scratch makes it easy for you to consistently deliver energizing brand experiences to your end-client that keep people coming back for more.

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