Amplifying Events Nationwide: How Scratch Event DJs powered the music for Bloomingdale’s Women Founders Celebration across the US

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This March, Bloomingdale's celebrated Women’s History Month with special spaces dedicated to amplifying female entrepreneurs and their products. Through events, activations, and surprises from women-owned companies, the department store, known for its originality and fashion curation, sought to highlight what was next in the world of retail.

One of the core events series of the month was a “Saturday’s Generation” day, where Bloomingdale’s stores across the country hosted a celebration of female founders with themed pop-up shops and live entertainment. In order to bring an exciting atmosphere to each location, there was a need for experienced DJs.

For over a decade, Bloomingdale's and Scratch Event DJs have enjoyed an enduring partnership that spans a variety of high-profile events, seasonal promotions, designer launches, and festive celebrations. The team at Scratch is renowned for its reliability and ease in providing curated DJs for all events, no matter the scale or complexity. Bloomingdale’s knew it could rely on Scratch to deliver the perfect soundtrack for any occasion, regardless of the location or turnaround time.

Scratch was able to efficiently identify the best DJs for this series by leveraging its state-of-the-art internal technology platform. Drawing from the world’s largest network of vetted DJs, the perfect performers were pinpointed for each of the 21 locations across the United States. From the flagship store on 59th Street in New York City, to less-publicized areas such as Chestnut Hill, MA and Willow Grove, PA, the Scratch client service team ensured that each store had the optimal DJ.

The challenge for many brands and department stores is that, especially outside of the biggest cities, it is difficult to find reliable, quality DJ talent. Without a personal connection or word-of-mouth recommendation, stores are often left relying on amateurish, unpolished performers. And that’s if they even show up! With Scratch Event DJs, professional and uplifting talent is never a question; in big cities, popular suburbs, remote outposts, and everywhere in between.

In the end, the nationwide series of events was a success, delivering on Bloomingdale’s goal of showcasing an atmosphere that empowered and supported women. The events also generated enthusiasm among employees and customers, and produced an organic social media boost that increased the reach of event initiative, and Bloomingdale's as a whole, far beyond those present in-store. Many in attendance recorded TikToks to share their experiences, having felt free to be more interactive with the store and the products.

Feedback, both from DJs entertaining in-store and from the Bloomingdale’s corporate team, spoke to the dynamic atmosphere created with the help of the Scratch.

“I think the event was super awesome. Seeing so many women-owned businesses, and seeing other women appreciating and supporting each small business, inside of Bloomingdale’s, was amazing. My favorite part is always when children come to the DJ booth dancing, though - I like to dance with them!” - DJ Honey @ Tyson’s Corner, VA (79 lifetime Scratch bookings)

“I thought the event was great. It was my first time having to play all female artists and it was received really well. The staff and customers were jamming! I chose my playlist based on what records would move guests and make them feel good. I already have a “Girl Power'' playlist set up, so selecting the songs was easy. It’s always good to have a mix of everything to reach different people.” - DJ Honey B @ Fairfax, VA (55 lifetime Scratch bookings)

Anya Deweerdt, Marketing Director for Unique Merchandising Initiatives at Bloomingdale’s, expressed her excitement about the broader initiative: “Seeing this…come to life means so much to Bloomingdale's. By partnering with Tika Sumpter and the incredible group of entrepreneurs, we celebrate female empowerment through the lens of women who have broken barriers and successfully created successful brands in a range of spaces."

Partnering with Scratch Event DJs to curate high-quality DJs leaves the music component of your event assured and allows your team to focus on other aspects of planning, just like it does for Bloomingdale’s - even if that’s for dozens of stores across the US, at the same time, on the same day! Scratch makes it easy for you to consistently deliver energizing brand experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

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